Year End Awards

If you attend 3 out of our 5 shows you qualify for the chance to earn a year end award! Awards will be given at a banquet.


Year end ribbons are awarded up to 10th place for each division. Along with a division Champion and Reserve Champion ribbon and prizes.

Year End Award Rules

1. To qualify for end of year points riders must attend 3 out of 5 shows

2. Year end awards will be rewarded based on points collected as follows: point value of placing X (times)
the number of entries. (1st= 7, 2nd = 5, 3rd =4, 4th= 3, 5th= 2, 6th =1). [For example if rider places 2nd
in a class of 11 entries: 5 X 11 = 55.] For jumper and hunter classes in the event of a tie the champion
or reserve will be awarded to the rider/ horse with the most points over fences. For the flat classes in
the event of a tie two Champions will be award with no reserve.

3. All questions should be directed to the show management and their decisions will be final