Year End Awards

Participate in 3 of 5 shows and collect points for the chance to be Year End Division Champion or Reserve! Division Champion and Reserve get a beautiful ribbon and a prize. Year End Ribbons up to 6th place. See below for past Champions & their prizes.

Year End Award Rules

  • End of the Year Points will be rewarded as follows, point value of placing X (times) the number of entries. (1st= 7, 2nd = 5, 3rd =4, 4th= 3, 5th= 2, 6th =1). [For example if rider places 2nd in a class of 11 entries: 5 X 11 = 55.] For jumper and hunter classes in the event of a tie the champion or reserve will be awarded to the rider/ horse with the most points over fences. For the flat classes in the event of a tie two Champions will be award with no reserve.
  • To qualify for end of year points riders must attend 3 out of 5 shows.
  • Class ribbons will be awarded to 6th place. End of Year ribbons will be awarded to 10th place.
  • All questions should be directed to the show management and their decisions will be final.

2017/2018 Year End Champions

Flat Divisions Hunter & Jumper Divisions

W/T (11 & under)

Madison McCann 1st

Samantha Hall 2nd

Abigail Reidy 3rd

Amelia McLean 4th

18” – 2’0 Hunters

Maggie Spiers 1st

Cadence Gambriel 2nd


W/T (12-17)

Fiona Clark 1st

Mary Moore 2nd

Katrina-ann Thompson 3rd

Julianna Leuzzi 4th

2’3 – 2’6 Hunter

Kayla Bergman 1st

Sara Valvasori 2nd

Ruth Rundberg 3rd

Ali Wonch 4th

Ariell Elliot 5th

Cora Mulgrue 6th

W/T (18 & over)

Nicole Mcleod 1st

Samantha Gaymer 2nd

Jumpers 2’9 – 3’0

Samantha Kean 1st

W/T/C (17 & under)

Cadence Gambriel 1st

Samantha Kean 2nd

Maddisson McLaughlin 3rd

Amelia Mclean 4th

Katrina-ann Thompson 5th

Emma Mataseje 6th

Jumpers 2’3 – 2’6

Mya Reid 1st

Madeline Pottruff 2nd

Selina Bryne 3rd

Melissa De Smit 4th


W/T/C (18 & over)

Ellie Stutsman 1st

Melissa De Smit 2nd

Julie Bieri 3rd

Samantha Gaymar 4th

Jumpers 2’0

Autumn Johnstone 1st

Julienna Welsh 2nd

Kira Lord 3rd

Aiden Stevens 4th

Jasmin Fisher 5th

Peri Garinger 6th

Cross Rails

Meaghan Mcburney 1st

Anya Koza 2nd

Nicole Mcleod 3rd