Volunteer Opportunities

At MJM Equestrian Centre we provide a positive working environment, where we all work as a team to provide care to all different types of horses, from Performance, riding school, and pleasure horses. Duties include cleaning stalls, feeding and watering, turn out, and cleaning of aisles and arenas. If interested please contact Joel Martin, barn manager at (289) 237-1043.


 Horse Show Volunteer


At MJM Equestrian Centre we greatly appreciate any volunteer help with our in-house horse shows (kids welcome too!). Volunteers are needed to distribute ribbons, set jumps, run score sheets, and help in in-gate. Please contact Chelsey Overell if interested (also see Hamilton Hunt summer series for volunteer opportunities in the summer time).


 Tack Up Assistant Volunteer for MJM Riding School


For those aged 16 years of age and older there are limited volunteer opportunities with MJM riding school to help tacking up and grooming horses from Monday to Friday 5pm-9pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am-4pm. Benefits for the volunteer include gaining experience grooming, tacking, and untacking horses, as well as in basic instruction. This is strictly a volunteer opportunity (not in exchange for lessons). Please contact mjmridingschool@outlook.com with resume and references if interested.


Barn Help Volunteer


For those aged 16 years of age and older, available on Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm for the care of horse. Responsibilities may include aiding in cleaning stalls, filling water buckets, giving horses hay, sweeping aisles, and cleaning arena areas. Limited co-op opportunities potentially available during the week. Contact Joel Martin, barn manager at (289) 237-1043 for more details.