Stable Management Lessons

Stable Management is considered the most important part of being a true horseperson. The term Stable Management is a blanket term for all other aspects of being an equestrian outside of riding the horse. Subjects such as:

  • Horse anatomy
  • Feed
  • Grooming & braiding
  • Horse health care
  • Minor injury treatment
  • Tack identification, anatomy & specialty tack
  • General horse care
  • Horse handling

Our Stable Management Lessons are open to anyone age 6 & up who would like to develop an in-depth equine knowledge. These lessons are also a great study tool for those wishing to earn their Equestrian Canada (EC) Rider Levels.


To earn your rider levels, a rider must participate in a sanctioned test through our provincial equestrian governing body, Ontario Equestrian, or with an approved OE Facility. MJM Riding School is an approved OE facility . If you are interested in testing with us please email us: HERE

About Equestrian Canada (EC) Rider Levels

Quoted from Ontario Equestrian

"The English Rider Level 1-10 program encourages riders to ride, learn and enjoy the equestrian sport, and promote a continuous and progressive path of learning towards safe and knowledgeable horsemanship. The program encourages participants to continue learning in the sport by offering a series of attainable levels of achievement that are recognized with certificates. The English Rider Level 1-10 program also assists in the preparation for future Equine Canada (EC) certified instructors and coaches. This program will compliment programs offered by riding schools across Canada and provide guidelines to coaches and instructors.

With the expansion of the EC Rider Program, EC certified instructors/coaches will be able to offer a complete and progressive program of instruction to their students. This program is also an important component to aid in the continued promotion, development and recognition of qualified instructional programs and will compliment the national stable registry system as it is developed.

In addition to providing a national standard recognized from coast to coast, this program offers enough levels to maintain the interest of a rider for and extended period of time. For example, the young student starting riding at age 8 can potentially participate in the program for a number of years. This program also meets the needs of the adult rider.

Candidates for the English Rider 1-10 program must become members of their provincial equestrian federations/councils thereby having access to other benefits"

For more information on the EC Rider Level please visit either of these resources:

Ontario Equestrian (Provincial Equestrian Sport Governing Body)

Equestrian Canada (National Equestrian Sport Governing Body)