Currently we offer a pay as you go system for lessons. Payment is to be made to the instructor at the beginning of each lesson. Payment can be made in cash or cheque only. Please make all cheques payable to MJM Riding School.

Group Lesson - $35 tax included per rider per lesson

Semi Private Lesson - $45 tax included per rider per lesson. If a member of a semi private lesson does not show up the lesson is deemed a private and the full fee for a private must be paid.

Private Lesson - $55 tax included per lesson.

No Show Policy

At MJM Riding School we give all our students the opportunity to pay as you go instead of requiring riders to pay multiple lessons in advance.  The downside is that when a student does not show up for a lesson it causes issues for the school and our instructors, so we will be implementing a “No show policy” starting April 1st, 2018

Definition of “No Show”:  Rider does not appear at scheduled lesson and has not contacted the school at a minimum 24 hours before their lesson time. Cancellations must be made through administration, via email Do not rely on your instructor to pass the information to administration.

What happens when you have a “No Show”

A $10 fee will be required in addition to the usual lesson fee at the next lesson.  Two “No shows” in a row and the lesson time will be reassigned or cancelled.

Part - Board Lesson Packages

Updated Part Board info coming soon!

To book a lesson please contact us here.