Lesson Pricing

MJM Equestrian Centre is a pay-as-you-go lesson program. Each lesson is to be paid to your instructor at the end of the lesson. Fees can be paid in cash or cheque only. 

Lesson Types:

We offer three different types of lessons, private, semi-private and group.

Private: One on one. This is great for both adults and children who are new to riding and need to learn the basics of grooming, tacking up and riding. Privates are also perfect for the experienced rider looking for one on one instructor attention to help reach your riding goals.

Semi-Private Lesson: Two riders to one instructor. Great for all ages and rider skill levels. This is more cost effective than a private, but still offers a smaller lesson. Adult and kids semi-privates available.

Group Lesson: Three or more riders to one instructor. Perfect for a rider who has their basics and wants to continue gaining experience in riding and horsemanship. Both jumping and flat group lessons are available. Adult and kids group lessons available.


All prices include HST and are subject to change without notice.

Private Lesson: $55.00

Semi-Private: $45.00

Group Lesson: $35.00

Fees can be paid in cash or cheque only. Cheques are paid to MJM Riding School.

Part - Board Lesson Package

Part boarding a horse is a great way to spend time riding without the commitment of ownership. A part boarder pays for a certain number of rides per week on a horse owned by the MJM Riding School. Part boarding a horse also gives you priority to use that horse during lessons and at horse shows.

Package 1: Two rides per week, includes eight group lessons per month. $285.00 per month (price includes HST) Download the part board contract here.

Package 2: Three rides per week, includes four semi-private lessons per month. $385.00 (price includes HST) Download part board contract here.

The Horses: To view our school horses and their part board availability please click here.

To book a lesson please contact us here.