Our Horses

Amy 2



Lise Leblanc of Artemis Canadian Warmbloods

Breed: Thoroughbred

Age: 12

Height: 15.1h

Amy is as sweet and kind as they come. She loves it when her riders spend extra time with her either grooming or talking to her. Amy especially loves to canter! But she is perfect for riders of all levels. 

Ryleigh First Horse Show Oct 28th 2018



Karen Bray

Isabella Moreno

Breed: Belgian Draft

Age: 10

Height: 16.1 h

Bella's size may seem intimidating to some but she is the perfect example of a "gentle giant". She is never in a hurry and always looks after her riders. She loves to do flat work and to jump. She is a favourite at the riding school and is regularly used in shows by the riding students.




Haillee Gladders

Breed: Pony

Age: 12

Height: 14 h

Macaroni is as cute as his name! He is our newest pony, with an easy going personality who loves to flat and jump. He loves to work and is always happy to be under saddle.

Madeline with Jazzy



Anonymous Sponsor

Madeline Masters

Jessica Dreher

Breed: Appaloosa

Age: 10

Height: 14.2 h

Jazzy may be a little mare but she has a big work ethic and an even bigger heart. Jazzy enjoys both flat work and jumping.  Before joining the school she was started by Madeline Potruff who did a fantastic job preparing Jazzy for her riding school career.


Mars Bar "Mars"


Vanessa Peeters

Rowan Macdonald

Maia Cryer

Sarah Hough

Breed: Thoroughbred

Age: 15

Height: 15.3 h

Mars is our newest addition, she is a very sweet and relaxed mare. She loves to be groomed and is enjoying her new home in our school and being spoiled by all of our amazing clients!


Monte Carlo (Monte)


Julianna Leuzzi and Family

Heidi Gemmill

Breed: Quarter Horse

Age: 18

Height: 15.1h

Monty has an exciting background. He is a retired jousting horse from Medieval Times! Now he is part of the MJM team. He tries very hard for all of his riders and is very forgiving.



Breed: Thoroughbred



Info Coming Soon!


Mr. Sparkles


Ella Milojevich & Family

Jenna Verenka

Isabella Moreno

Breed: Thoroughbred

Age: 9

Height: 15.2 h

Mr.Sparkles is very kind with a sweet temperment. He loves to work and is great for both new and advanced riders. He is a super jumper and good at flat work. 

Jordyn Pumpkin



Jordyn Gallina and Family

Anya Koza and Family

Breed: Paint

Age: 7

Height: 14.2 h

Pumpkin may not be bred for jumping but she has the heart of an Olympic horse and she loves to jump.  Pumpkin always tries her hardest for her rider. She loves to go to horse shows and is a regular at Hamilton Hunt and the MJM shows.




Mary Moore & Family

Breed: Canadian Warmblood

Age: 16

Height: 16 h

Rosie is a try hard, friendly mare with experience as a first level dressage horse on the Gold Circuit. Rosie also really enjoys jumping with our students.


Taryn and Squishy



Alexis Zaroski

Taryn Radford

Breed: Paint Pony

Age: 20

Height: 14 h

Squishy is a very sweet boy and has perfect manners! He loves helping younger children have a safe and fun first time experience on a horse.




Jackie Morrison

Breed: Canadian Sport Horse x Percheron

Age: 9

Height: 16.2 h

Velvet is a super sweet mare with a kind heart. She is smart & very brave with lots of experience as a trail horse.