Lesson Information – BAD

MJM Riding School is a fully operational riding school that follows the guidelines of the Learn to Ride Program from Equestrian Canada. We are dedicated to offer lessons for both children (5 & up) and adults with all ambitions in a safe, educational and fun environment. We offer a weekly schedule of group lessons and can accommodate semi private and private lessons. We also offer a part board program. From beginner to advanced and even the competitive rider we offer a program that can accommodate your needs.

For complete beginners we highly recommend you start by taking private lessons. This will provide you with one on one attention from our instructor so the skills needed to join a group lesson can develop with confidence. These skills include grooming and tacking a horse and steering independently at walk and trot.

For riders with previous experience looking to join our facility we highly recommend booking one private lesson as a level assessment. This will allow us to help you find a group lesson that suits your level.

Lesson Types

All lessons are one hour long.

Group Lessons

There is a maximum of 6 riders to one instructor per group lesson. Lessons are one hour long. Please arrive 20-30 min prior to lesson start time to groom and tack up your horse. Any late arrivals or time spent tacking up during your scheduled lesson time will not warrant a lengthened lesson.

Semi Private Lessons

A semi is two riders with one instructor. Lessons are one hour long. Semi private lessons are offered to those that already have a friend or family member who wish to lesson together. MJM Riding School does not accommodate finding a partner for a semi. Please note that if a member of a semi does not arrive for the scheduled lesson time it will be deemed as a private lesson and the full fee for a private lesson must be paid. Please arrive 20-30 min prior to lesson start time to groom and tack up your horse. Any late arrivals or time spent tacking up during your scheduled lesson time will not warrant a lengthened lesson.

Private Lesson

This is a one on one lesson, one rider to one instructor. Privates are great for beginners to learn the basics and gain the confidence to join a group. Privates also benefit the rider looking for full attention to help develop skills in a more concentrated setting. Beginner private lessons will include time spent learning how to groom and tack up a horse. For intermediate and advanced private lessons please arrive 20-30 min prior to lesson start time to groom and tack up your horse. Any late arrivals or time spent tacking up during your scheduled lesson time will not warrant a lengthened lesson.


Currently we offer a pay as you go system for lessons. Payment is to be made to the instructor at the beginning of each lesson. Payment can be made in cash or cheque only. Please make all cheques payable to MJM Riding School.

Group Lesson - $35 tax included per rider per lesson

Semi Private Lesson - $45 tax included per rider per lesson. If a member of a semi private lesson does not show up the lesson is deemed a private and the full fee for a private must be paid.

Private Lesson - $55 tax included per lesson.

No Show Policy

At MJM Riding School we give all our students the opportunity to pay as you go instead of requiring riders to pay multiple lessons in advance.  The downside is that when a student does not show up for a lesson it causes issues for the school and our instructors, so we will be implementing a “No show policy” starting April 1st, 2018

Definition of “No Show”:  Rider does not appear at scheduled lesson and has not contacted the school at a minimum 24 hours before their lesson time. Cancellations must be made through administration, via email mjmridingschool@outlook.com Do not rely on your instructor to pass the information to administration.

What happens when you have a “No Show”

A $10 fee will be required in addition to the usual lesson fee at the next lesson.  Two “No shows” in a row and the lesson time will be reassigned or cancelled.

Required Attire

Riders must wear close fitting pants or jeans, and sturdy foot wear that covers the ankle with a one inch heel (such as rain boots). We also suggest gloves such as garden gloves. Long hair is to be tied back at the nape of the neck. Riding attire such as breeches, gloves, paddock boots, half chaps and tall boots are also welcome. We will provide ASTM approved helmets or bring your own.

Children Under 16 Supervision Policy

MJM Riding School prides itself on having extremely well trained school horses. However, we all must remember that they are still 1500lb animals who do have a mind of their own. So all of our students can learn and have fun in a safe environment we ask that all children under the age of 16 be supervised by a parent or guardian when an instructor is not present.

To offer our students the most riding time our group lessons are one hour in length. To achieve this we ask that all students arrive 20-30 mins before the start of their lesson to groom and tack up their assigned horse. During this time the parent or guardian who brought them to the facility must stay with their child the entire time until the instructor has finished teaching their previous lesson and enters the aisle to start the next lesson. If a student arrives late and wishes to still join the lesson, it is not the responsibility of the instructor to supervise grooming and tacking if a student arrives late, the parent or guardian must remain with them while they groom and tack the horse. The parent or guardian may only leave once the student is now in the arena under the supervision of the instructor.

Being able to groom and tack the horse with minimal assistance is an expectation of being in a group lesson. During weeknights and on Saturdays we have barn staff and volunteers who are available to assist. If you feel that you and your child are not comfortable with grooming and tacking independently please contact us at mjmridingschool@outlook.com to arrange a private lesson so that the skill to groom & tack can be more confidently developed in a one on one lesson.

Part Boarding

Updated information coming soon!