Lesson Information

MJM Equestrian offers riding lessons for children and adults from the first time rider to an advanced rider. We offer private, semi private and group lessons.

Lesson Program:

Our lesson program is based on the Equestrian Canada Learn to Ride/Drive Program which "Provides the opportunity for individuals of all ages to learn best practices for safe and enjoyable experiences handling, riding...horses." Using this program MJM will not only teach you how to ride a horse, but to also handle and care for horses properly and safely. For more information on this program please visit the Equestrian Canada site here.

Rider Levels:

Continuing to use Equestrian Canada guidelines our weekly group lessons are divided by rider level. For information on what each level entails please click here.

General Information:

Lessons are available for children age 5 & older and adults. Each lesson is 1 hour on horseback, 15 min prior to get the horse ready  (tack/groom) and 15 min after the lesson to untack/groom the horse. Please arrive 15 min before your lesson start time.

For lesson Prices please click HERE.

For lesson Schedule please click HERE.

For children under 5 we are happy to refer you to Taking Strides http://www.takingstrides.ca/

Equipment required / what to wear:

Please wear long, close fitting pants (no shorts or cropped pants), rain boots or boots with a 1" heel (no running shoes, open toed shoes or sandals) and thin gloves (garden gloves work well). We provide ASTM certified helmets at no charge and ALL riders will be required to wear a helmet when riding or working around horses.

In the warmer months don't forget to bring sunscreen and lots of water so you stay hydrated.

In the cooler months don't forget to wear lots of layers of clothing.

To book a lesson please contact us here.