Horsemanship Lessons

MJM Riding School offers Horsemanship Lessons taught by Gillian Ross Erasmi of Smart Horse Equine Services.

These lessons are designed to help prepare you for Rider Levels and/or to offer you a way to expand your knowledge of handling and caring for horses. It is important that we not only develop the physical skills to ride horses but that we develop an understanding of how they think and communicate so we may have the knowledge and skills to properly care for their welfare.

These sessions will add to what you learn in your riding lessons. They will deepen and expand your knowledge of proper horse care, how to communicate with your horse and how to handle your horse on the ground safely. Each session will be slightly different, with a mix of both classroom sessions and hands on work with the horses.

Equestrian Canada Learn to Ride Program

MJM Riding School program follows the Equestrian Canada Learn to Ride Program to teach all of our students. The Learn to Ride program is designed to be guided by a Certified Instructor or Coach, to ensure that the concepts are clearly understood before the rider progresses to more challenging levels. The program provides an opportunity for rider to progress, demonstrating their skills through a series of increasingly complex written tests, interviews and under-saddle jump and flat tests. We offer Horsemanship Lessons to help brush up on your skills and to guide students through the testing process and to prepare them for the tests. For more info please visit their site here

For those interested in testing to earn a certificate for the Equestrian Canada Learn to Ride Program you must be a member in good standing of Ontario Equestrian. Please follow this link to their website

Session Dates

Each Session is 6 classes in length. Classes cannot be paid for individually, each student must attend the full six week session. Max of 8 participants in each session. Each session must have a minimum of four participants in each day or the days will be combined. Please note that there are no makeup classes available, or refunds for missed classes so please plan to attend all classes.



Session Pricing:

Each 6 class session is $60 total, $10 per class. Payment must be made in full upon arrival of the first class of $60. Payment can be made in cash or cheque payable to MJM Riding School.

Testing Pricing:

Admin Fee for each level tested to OE: $25

Written Test Fee: $15 per person