Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or cheque. Please have cheques made to Daisy Meadows Equestrian.

Do you offer stabling?

Yes we do. Stabling arrangements are made through MJM Equestrian Center. For stabling request please contact Joel at (289)-237-1043.

When do I need to arrive?

You should arrive one hour and a half before your class/division is scheduled to start. Please register in the show office a maximum of 1 hour before your class/division starts.

What are the costs of showing?

The prices of the classes can be found on the online entry form here. Classes range from $10 to $15 each plus tax. The administration fee is $20 plus tax. If you complete an online entry form before the closing date the administration fee is waived.

What should riders wear?

These are fun schooling shows so show attire is not required but is welcome if you would like to wear it. Please wear clean breeches, half chaps with paddock boots or tall riding boots, gloves, helmet and have hair tied back securely and tidy. (Braids are great for long hair!) Remember to dress in layers in the colder months.

How do I enter a class?

Entry forms are available online here. We encourage online entries as an online entry waives the administration fee. You may also enter the day of the horse show with an administration fee of $20 plus tax.

Do you offer onsite parking for cars and horse trailers?

Yes! We have lots of onsite parking for both cars and horse trailers!

What is a novelty class?

A novelty class is a fun themed class that anyone can participate in. Ribbons will be presented up to 6th place for each class. The class descriptions are as follows:

Sunday October 29th 2017 – Halloween Theme Novelty Class is Costume Contest: This is a fun and family friendly Halloween costume contest for both horse and rider to be dressed up! Horses are presented in hand or under saddle (rider must be wearing a helmet)

Sunday November 26th 2017 – Christmas Theme Novelty Class is Steady Hand: A true test of the riders balance and ability to communicate to their horse using their legs and seat. Run like a hack class but all riders must ride one handed, with a plastic up of water in their free hand. At the end of the class places are awarded based on the most volume of water left in the cup. (Cup and water will be provided to each participant by the show management before the start of the class)

Sunday January 7th 2018 – New Year’s Theme Novelty Class is Ride a Buck:This is run like a hack class but the rider must place a dollar bill (or similar substitute) between their leg within 6 inches above or below the knee. As soon as the rider drops their bill they are asked to move into the center of the ring and halt at center line. Awards are given to the riders who last the longest without dropping their bill. (Dollar bill or similar substitute will be provided to each rider at the start of the class by show management)

Sunday February 11th 2018– Valentine’s Day Theme Class is Heart and Spoon:Similar to egg and spoon riders must carry their reins in one hand and a spoon with an egg balanced on it in the other hand. This is run like a hack class and awards are given to riders who last the longest without dropping their egg. (Egg and spoon will be provided to each rider by show management at the start of the class)

Sunday March 25th 2018 – Kidney Care Fundraiser Novelty Class is Ponies and Puppies In Hand Obstacle Course: A fun in hand obstacle course to be done with your dog, pony or horse. Class will be divided into three categories. Awards will be given based on fastest time course is completed in each category.