Birthday Parties and Group Events

MJM Riding School is proud to host birthday parties and group events for ages 5 and up. We can host an event with a minimum charge of five riders with a maximum of 15 riders total. We have a maximum of 8 riders on horses at a time.

Party / Event Length and Availability

The parties / events are two hours long. They consists of 30 minutes to groom and tack a horse along with stable management learning, 30 minutes of riding a horse and 1 hour spent in our event room. We are available to book birthday parties / events on Saturday’s from 5pm – 7pm. We highly recommend you book your party / event well in advanced as they do book up quickly!


$30 tax included per rider. Minimum charge $15o total (5 riders), maximum of 15 riders. We do not charge for spectators who will not be riding the horses. This can be paid on the day of the party in cash or cheque. (Cheques payable to MJM Riding School)


We provide tables and chairs for use in the event room. We also provide ASTM helmets for all riders. Any food, table cloths or decorations will need to be provided by you.

Required Attire

Riders must wear close fitting pants or jeans, and sturdy foot wear that covers the ankle with a one inch heel (such as rain boots). Long hair is to be tied back at the nape of the neck. Riding attire such as breeches, gloves, paddock boots, half chaps and tall boots are also welcome. ABSOLUTELY no open toes footwear will be allowed in the barn. Anyone not wearing the appropriate footwear will be denied entry into the barn or will not be allowed to ride.

Please contact us using our email form HERE with any inquires or to book a date!