Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties & Corporate/Group Events:

MJM Equestrian Centre hosts birthday parties, corporate events and group events perfect for children over 5 and adults. We can accommodate up to 15 riders for a party/event. Each rider will have a 20 min group lesson with a maximum of 6 people on horseback at a time. The people who are not riding will receive horsemanship lessons (ex. how to groom a horse) while the other people are riding.

After riding we have a party/event room available for your use (chairs & table provided). All party/event members (or their guardians if under 18) will be required to sign a rider registration/waiver.

Equipment required / what to wear:

Please wear long, close fitting pants (no shorts or cropped pants), rain boots or boots with a 1" heel (no running shoes, open toed shoes or sandals) and thin gloves (garden gloves work well). We provide ASTM certified helmets at no charge and ALL riders will be required to wear a helmet when riding or working around horses.

In the warmer months don't forget to bring sunscreen and lots of water so you stay hydrated.


$30.00 per rider (taxes included)

Party/Event Booking:

Please contact us here to book your part/event today!